NOTE: You need to set up your Tofu Kit properly for best results.

How to set up tofu kit?
3 things you need for your tofu kit
1. Bristol Board (White Paper)

You could get your bristol board from Staples. It should only cost $1

2. LED Lamp light

We prefer LED lamp light because the light is more even. You should be able to get it from Walmart for under $20

3. Box

Any box that could hold up your bristol board. You could just pick one up any where for free.

4. Finished Setting Up

This is how it would look like after setting up your Tofu Kit. Use 2 pieces of tape to attach the bristol board against the box.

5. Take Photo

Place your object under the light. Stablized your phone camera, tab on object to focus and take photo from the center. Try moving the object in different angles for better shots.

6. Important Notes

Correct way to take photo:
- Object must be within guideline.
- Center your object.
- Background should be white which contain the bristal board only.
- Tap to focus.

Incorrect way to take photo:
- Object out of guideline.
- Object not centered.
- Background contain other objects.
- Did not tab to focus.

Watch Video
Setting up tofu kit